ASEAN Database of Local Administrative Organizations

Department of Local Administration (DLA) has explored and established ASEAN database of local administrative organizations (LAO) in 2014. From January to July 2014, DLA collected data from 5,952 local administrative organizations (approximately 76% of all local administrative organizations) in 69 provinces. The purposes of establishing ASEAN database are 1) to classify local administrative organizations regarding roadmap for ASEAN communities 2) to gauge the readiness of local administrative organizations in integration of ASEAN 3) to acknowledge the progress of outstanding preparation work of local administrative organizations and 4) to identify issues and recommendations, that would need further facilitation and support from DLA, of local administrative organizations. In order to facilitating the use of information in tracking progress and taking consideration of strategic and action plans, DLA divides data into three groups which are Nation Overview, Groups of Provinces, and Provinces.
According to a survey of 371 local administrative organizations containing borders connected to neighboring countries, from 31 provinces, more than 74 percent of local administration organizations would prefer assistants on infrastructures and transportation system. In addition, 69 percent want supports on education. 52 percent want assistants on public health, while 45 percent of them want assistants on environmental issues. Furthermore, 42 percent of them need supports on tourism, and 30 percent of them would like supports on trade and investment. Lastly, 22 percent of local administrative organizations prefer assistants on identity.
In term of ASEAN preparation readiness of local administration organizations, 74 percent of LAO’s personnel has good awareness of becoming ASEAN community. Also, more than half of LAO’s personnel, approximately 53 percent, greatly understands the advantages and disadvantages of joining ASEAN community. There are 20 percent of LAO’s personnel who took training on ASEAN. 16 percent of them took training on English language, while 6 percent of them took training on languages in ASEAN. In 2014, 39 percent of local administrative organizations advised people on basic information about ASEAN and the effects of ASEAN. Additionally, there are about 37 of local administrative organizations which identified projects or plans about ASEAN in their local administrative developmental plan. 30 percent of them had progressed these projects/plans, while 4 percent of them completed the projects/plans.
For issues and recommendations, local administrative organizations emphasize on personnel development, budget, administration, laws and regulations and public relations.
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