ASEAN Structure

1) Executive Support Division Vacant 
2) Internal Audit and Evaluation Division 
3) ASEAN Connectivity Division 
1) Political and Security Directorate
        a) Political Cooperation Division 1 and Division 2
        b) Security Cooperation Division 1 and Division 2
        c) Human Right Division
    2) APSC Analysis and Monitoring Division
    3) External Relation Directorate
        a) External Relation Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3
ASEAN Economic Community Department (AEC Department)
    1) ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate
a) Monitoring, Surveillance & Coordination Division
b) Analysis & Monitoring on Trade, Industry, & Emerging Issues
c) Analysis & Monitoring on Finance & Socio-Economic Division
d) Statistic Division
2) Market Integration Directorate
a) Trade Facilitation Division
b) Standard & Conformance Division
c) Services & Investment Division
d) Competition, Consumer Protection, IPR Division
e) Enterprise & Stakeholders Engagement Division
f) External Economic Relations Division
g) Finance Integration Division
3) Sectoral Development Directorate
a) Transport Division
b) ICT & Tourism Division
c) Energy & Minerals Division
d) Food, Agriculture & Forestry Division
e) Science & Technology Division
f) IAI & NDG Division
ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department (ASCC Department)
1) ASCC Analysis & Monitoring Directorate
a) ASCC Analysis Division
b) ASCC Monitoring Division
2) Human Development Directorate
a) Education, Youth & Sport Division
b) Health Division
c) Poverty, Eradication & Gender Division
d) Labor & Civil Service Division
3) Sustainable Development Directorate
a) Environment Division
b) Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance
c) Culture & Information Division
Community & Corporate Affairs Department (CCA Department)
1) Corporate Affairs Directorate
a) Administration & General Affairs Division
b) Conference Services, Protocol & Formalities Division
c) Finance & Budget Division
d) Human Resource Division
e) Information Technology Systems Division
2) Community Affairs Directorate
a) Community Relation Division
b) Information Resource Management Division
3) Legal Services & Agreement Directorate
a) General Legal Affairs Division
b) Treaty Division
c) International Economic & Trade law Division
4) Programme Cooperation & Project Management Division