ASEAN Projects

ASEAN Community Building Programme

Develop ASEAN ICT Skill Standards

Development of ASEAN Virtual Learning Resources Centres (AVLRC)

Study of the Implementation of Visa Exemption for ASEAN Nationals and the Possible Establishment of an ASEAN Common Visa for Non-ASEAN Nationals

Operationalisation of the ASEAN Agreements on Transport Facilitation

Options for a Framework Modality towards Phased Reduction and Elimination of Investment Restrictions-Impediments

Operationalisation of the National Single Windows (NSWs) by 2012 and the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) by 2015

Establishing Common Rules for Standards and Conformity Assessment Procedures

Developing and Operationalising MRAs for Prioritised and Selected Industries

Feasibility Study on the Establishment of an ASEAN Roll-On-RollOff (RO-RO) Shipping Network and Short Sea Shipping

West Kalimantan - Sarawak Power Interconnection BIMP - EAGA

Melaka - Pekanbaru Power Interconnection Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)

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