Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Indonesia's Digital Economy

(PDF 1.40 MB)

ASEAN's FTAs and Opportunities for Foreign Businesses

(PDF 2.32 MB)

How to Set Up in the Philippines

(PDF 2.53 MB)

Future of ASEAN 50 Success Stories of Digitalisation of ASEAN MSMEs

(PDF 7.13 MB)

Vietnam's Key Regions and Economic Zones

(PDF 2.80 MB)

An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam 2018

(PDF 1.89 MB)

Cross Border e-Commerce in China

(PDF 1.38 MB)

How to Set Up in Thailand

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China Industries Outlook 2018

(PDF 2.24 MB)

Handbook on ASEAN Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations

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The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace

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Community stories of resilience building in ASEAN: Strengthening community resilience through peer-to-peer learning

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